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About Quality Engineered Structures, Inc.
Design Build Modular Construction Methods

  Quality Engineered Structures, Inc. (CBC-058971), focuses on the total integration of modern modular construction systems and methods with full turn key design build construction project management theory and practices to offer high value quality construction components and services. Design build construction methods allow for competitive fast track construction scheduling for the compression of all construction activities thus minimizing the number of construction personnel, construction time, and construction components required for project completion.

  We believe that focusing and implementing these two modern methods and construction practices into our construction projects protocols allows us to deliver more value added return to our clients than can be experienced from the conventional construction methods utilized in todays construction market.

   Modern modular construction methods and materials have shown reduced construction cost, abbreviated construction scheduling, and higher returns on investment(ROI) when compared to old school stick built conventional construction methods and materials.

   Higher quality final finishes, applied in quality controlled manufacturing environments far surpass final finishes field applied. Modern quality control systems in manufacturing facilities such as lasers and spray paint controls assure consistent textures and thicknesses while heated drying tunnels provide baked on durability. 


Quality Engineered Structures Divisions:

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     Florida Cleanroom Systems, a division of Quality Engineered Structures Inc., specializes in cleanroom construction per ISO 14644, FDA, cGMP and USP-797 standards utilizing antimicrobial, UV resistant, and low particulate clean build construction methods. Please click on the link above to visit our Florida Cleanroom Systems website for additional information on sterile construction methods.



      Florida Modular Office and Partition Systems, a division of Quality Engineered Structures Inc., specializes in interior office build outs, modular office systems, mezzanine office systems, and tall wall process separation systems for warehouse and manufacturing environments. Design build modular office systems engineering for initial requirements and future growth.  


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     Florida Guard Building Systems, a division of Quality Engineered Structures Inc., specializes in security building systems with both modular assembled guard buildings and site built guard buildings. Assembled Guard building systems to all hurricane wind zones with Florida DCA labels for preapproved modular structures. Security gates, wireless CCTV, and card reader entry systems.

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Advantages of Modular Construction for Healthcare:
  • Decreases construction scheduling that is required to bring new or renovated patient, laboratory or pharmacy areas online.
  • Minimizes particulate, noise and debris to the existing patient services and creates a safer work and patient environment during construction.
  • Enhances quality assurance because QA is built into every step of the process from manufacturing to final installation.
  • Reduced exposure to risk, and increased predictability of project outcomes.

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Advantages of Modular Construction for Cleanrooms:
  • Fully prefabricated and prefinished materials allows for a minimum of on site fabrication and construction particulate.
  • Antimicrobial finishes specifically engineered for the construction of sterile cleanroom environments.
  • Fully reconfigurable to process change with minimal disruption to existing process functions.
  • FDA, cGMP, CFR, and USP-797 compliant construction with flush surface features and PVC gasket systems.

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Advantages of Modular Construction for Commercial:
  • Decreases return to origin cost in leased facility arrangements with 99% of all components being relocatable to the new facility.
  • Reconfigurable, reusable, and stronger construction of modular components increase life cycle and sustainability for maximum value added.
  • Stronger, high impact resistant finishes minimize maintenance cost and operational down times for cleaning or repairs.  
  • Reduces new facility cost by minimizing design and engineering cost, subcontractors, and scheduling cost required to bring new facilities operational.  

   Whether designing from conception or value engineering completed  designs, Quality Engineered Structures can incorporate modern modular construction methods and systems to assure a timely completion and high quality structure delivering higher value added at the initial and future construction phases.

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